ConsejoSano is the only solution tailored to address the needs of clients with multi-cultural populations.

ConsejoSano is a digital health company focused on bridging the gap between patients and the U.S. health system. We provide an integrated service including multi-channel messaging, care navigation, and data analytics that increases engagement, reduces unnecessary ER visits, and produces better health outcomes. ConsejoSano connects users to navigators from a shared cultural background. ConsejoSano helps users navigate to in-network services, answer questions about self-care, and learn more about health topics. ConsejoSano provides services to multicultural populations including those that speak Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Armenian, and English. ConsejoSano is already used by some of the nation's most respected at-risk providers, health plans, government programs, and employers. Join us in the movement to make a better, fairer health care system that addresses the needs of the underserved population.


At-Risk Providers

Modern health care providers need to have a clear strategy for attracting & retaining patients from all backgrounds. Enter ConsejoSano! Our navigators help patients make smart decisions that help save money, improve health outcomes, and improve HEDIS scores and other clinical quality measures. For FQHCs and IPAs. In addition to addressing HEDIS measures, ConsejoSano also works with clients to close gaps in care, maximize incentive payments (i.e., pay for performance programs), and increase satisfaction ratings.

Health Plans and Government Programs

ConsejoSano provides group and individualized care campaigns that help patients to make better self-care decisions at home and navigate to efficient in-network care. ConsejoSano works with a range of partners including Medicaid, Medicare and, Medicare Advantage Programs to support managed care communities through strengthened links to their healthcare. Our team has extensive experience working with Medicare Advantage Programs to increase STAR ratings.


Struggling to engage employees? ConsejoSano provides culturally-tailored education & wellness campaigns that drive better health decisions and better job performance.