America is bilingual, but healthcare isn't.
We're on a mission to change that.

We're tackling the #1 disparity in healthcare with tailored telemedicine, chronic care management, and navigation services all delivered by native Spanish­-speaking, Hispanic doctors. By doing so, we improve health outcomes and help payers and providers save money ­ immediately.

who we serve

consejosano stats
65% of Hispanics speak Spanish in the home
22 million Hispanic employees; 12 million undocumented workers
In 2050 the US will be the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world`
About us

about us

ConsejoSano is the first telehealth solution designed specifically to meet the needs of Spanish­-speakers. We connect users to Hispanic doctors, psychologists, nutritionists who are native Spanish­-speakers, allowing for unmatched cultural and linguistic connections and dramatically more effective, efficient healthcare.


Our solutions

ConsejoSano gives Spanish­-speakers access to simple-­to-­use, best-­in-­class services that are culturally tailored to address their needs. Users instantly talk to native Spanish­-speaking doctors from a shared background that they can trust about general medicine, emotional health, and nutrition issues.

The result is greater satisfaction, earlier engagement with healthcare and lower costs for everyone. Best of all? Everything is designed entirely for mobile, so implementing a program is as simple as saying go.

Our solutions

Benefits For Employers
And Health Plans

Cost Savings

Reduce doctor and ER visits by resolving concerns over the phone.

Equity and engagement

Provides services to underserved Spanish speaking employees, increasing productivity and retention.

Reduced absenteeism

Fewer doctor visits and time out of the office.


Stands alone or complements existing insurance and HR programs.

Benefits For Users

Cultural Fit

Higher trust with Hispanic, native Spanish speaking doctors leads to higher engagement rates.


Callers connect instantly with doctors, 24/7, privately and on their schedule


Experienced doctors can support a wide range of issues.


Complements existing health insurance; addresses challenge of high deductible plans.